How To Fix The Black Screen On An Android Phone?

How To Fix The Black Screen On An Android Phone
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Do you own an android phone and want to know how to fix the black screen on an android phone? We got you.

When you are buying a smartphone, you have an option to chose between either android or iOS operating system. While both of these have their perks and drawbacks the former is always cheaper and more affordable. So, it makes sense to get yourself an android smartphone when you are tight on budget.

But, with android phones, you never really know when they have a problem or when they betray you. Like having a black screen in front of you out of nowhere. Now, since the screen itself is not working it becomes quite difficult to find a way out. And this is where we come with our article on how to fix black screens on android phones. So, let’s begin.

Method 1: Using An Android Update System

If there is a problem with your android update there are high chances that one day your screen will get black, out of nowhere. But don’t you worry we have a one-stop solution for you. all you have to do is install this software and let it do its job.

1. The one software we recommend you to try out is the Dr. Fone System Repair tool. Once it is downloaded and installed, start running the application.

2. You see a window with several options in front of you. Click on System Repair and then click on Android Repair.

3. At the bottom, you will see a Start button in blue color. Click on that and then fill up the details of the Android device you want to fix. For example the brand name, model, country version of the device, etc.

4. When you click on Next, the screen displays a set of instructions to follow. When you have done that, the Android firmware is downloaded on your device and your screen will be fixed.

Method 2: Wipe Away The Cache Partition

The accumulation of cache data can cause a lot of damage to your device. Even more, than you can think. Since cache data is an unwanted form of data and is there occupying a lot of space, it is better to remove it and get on with your device. Here is what you can do for the same:

1. To begin with, you need to power off your device.

2. When the device is turned off you can enter the recovery mode, by pressing the Power and Volume down button.

3. When the recovery mode is there in front of you, click on wipe cache partition and press the power button again to confirm that option.

4. Once the clearance process is done, you can press either of the volume buttons and select the option ‘Reboot System Now.

Method 3: Factory Reset The Device

If you have tried everything that you already knew on how to fix a black screen on an android phone and still haven’t been able to do it, this is your full-proof method. All you have to do is the factory reset your mobile phone. In this process, you are bound to lose all the data on your device though. If you are okay with that and want to get your bright vivid screen back, follow these steps:

1. To factory reset your device; follow the same first two steps as we did in the last method.

2. Now, instead of selecting wipe cache partition, select ‘wipe data/ factory reset. Press the power button again.

3. Once the process is completed, the device will restart again and without the black screen this time.


The display of an android device is one of the first things we look at before actually buying it. And if you are one of us we know a black screen is not something you want. But who said we don’t have a solution for it? wait, we don’t have one, two but three methods for you to follow and fix it yourself without spending any money or stepping out of your house. So, the next time someone lands up with a black screen you know this article on how to fix a black screen on an android phone is the only thing they need.

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