How To Find My Phone Using Alexa Skills?

Find My Phone
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Is your cell phone lost?

Are you unable to find your cellphone anywhere?

Don’t worry as both iOS and Android provide tracking functionality for a lost phone. Amazon Alexa can also support you to “Find my phone”. Alexa has a few skills that can be used to ring or track your phone. Let’s check them out. Let’s check them out.

Various Ways Under Which You Can Find Your Phone With Alexa

Finally, Alexa lets you locate your missing phone — more than one phone number can be added.

Enable Your Phone To Find Alexa

  1. Go to Skills & Games in the Alexa program.
  2. Find my phone, search. Search.
  3. Tap Trigger to use.
  4. Allow skills access to your account, connect your Amazon account and tap.
  5. Say, “Alexa, find my phone.” Alexa asks for your telephone number the first time you use that skill.
  6. You’re going to have to send a four-digit SMS code which you’re going to have to read out: “Alexa, [four digit code].”
  7. By saying, “Alexa, ask Find My Phone to add another number.”

Have Alexa On Your Phone Find, Call And Play Music

You need an IFTTT account (if this is, then that) in order for Alexa to do so. Here is how it can be configured.

  1. Login or log in, then press the “Alexa.” button at the top of the search bar.
  2. There is a list of options for Alexa, and those that apply will be clicked on. Tell Alexa, Hey Alexa, call me and Alexa, play music on your phone. Some examples are Tell Alexa, Hey.
  3. Click Turn on for any one you want.
  4. You’ll then be asked to login and type your phone number into your Amazon Alexa account. Follow the instructions on the screen.
  5. You will need to add another applet to start locating a telephone after you have completed the instructions.

Now, when your mobile is lost in the building, say, “Alexa, trigger find phone.” (If your mobile is vibrating, you have to hear the vibrators attentively.)

Play Your Android Phone With A Song

  1. Alexa can play a song on your phone with Android, but you have to make sure your volume is switched on. To do this, you can use IFTTT and only obey the above instructions.
  2. Check Android Device and scroll through applets to find Text that will increase the volume of your missing Android mobile by 100%. Then press Save and on Turn.
  3. Unfortunately, it is possible for your phone to play audio instead of its own speakers if it is connected to Bluetooth speakers or headphones.

Locate Your Cell Phone By Using Amazon Alexa Applications

  1. Open the program for Alexa
  2. Open the Alexa app to get started. Pick Skills & Games, tick the Hamburger icon (). Find a list of skills in this area in the search field.

Find My Phone

You can ask Alexa to dial your own telephone as well as your telephones with the option to locate my telephone. Say ‘Alexa, find my smartphone,’ and Alexa’s cell phone number will be asked for the first time. Give your number. Give it your number. To confirm that you are an owner, Alexa writes a code number to your phone. Enter Alexa’s number. Your phone is ringing Alexa. Answer it, say hi, and “Glad you found your phone.” is the message that has been registered.

Say “Alexa, Find My Phone to add a contact.” Tell Alexa the contact’s first name and the person’s number. This person receives a code by email. Please read Alexa’s number. Then you may say:”Alexa, ask Find My Phone to call [name of contact].”

Enable The Ability To Locate Cell Phone

The ability to locate my phone is close to that of finding my phone. Here is how it can be configured.

  1. Tell “Alexa, enable Cell Phone Finder.”
  2. Call 415-212- 4525. Alexa will telephone you. You’ll say to Alexa when you are on your phone with a voice bot, what your PIN is. Please enter Alexa’s PIN on the phone.
  3. “Alexa, tell Cell Phone Finder to call me.” you can now say. Remember, your phone will vibrate if your ringer doesn’t function.

Important Information While Finding Your Phone With Alexa

Say “Alexa, ask Find My Phone to add a contact” to add additional numbers.

In the United States only US cell numbers operate. We are currently not funding Festnetz or Non-US numbers.

Alexa use four outbound telephone numbers from the United States. Please add them to your contacts to ensure that your phone accepts calls from these numbers:

  • 1-1-866-217-2815
  • 1-1-866-217-8536
  • 1-866-217-8642
  • 1-856-215-9170

Certain cell providers block the number from which we call you. In order to prevent this, open the settings for your computer, select Phone, and choose “Blocked Contacts.”

If a text message does not give you the code, the text “un-stop” to all four of the above numbers.

Cell Phone Finder (Another Application On Alexa)

You may use the Cell Phone Finder to locate your iPhone or Android phone. Say: “Alexa, start Cell Phone Finder.” Alexa gives you a description and a call number. Call your phone and Alexa’s PIN code will be requested. Enter the code to match the capacity of your phone. You can say “Alexa, start Cell Phone Finder and call me.” when you’re registered. Alexa makes the call to the lost phone. An automatic recording declares that it’s from the Mobile Phone Finder and says your phone was pleased.

List Of Commands To Ask Alexa, To Find My Phone

  • Alexa, Find My Phone.
  • Alexa, ask Find My Phone to add a contact.
  • Alexa, ask Find My Phone to call <contact name>.
  • Alexa, ask Find My Phone to delete a contact.
  • Alexa, ask Find My Phone to list contacts.


With all these simple tricks which is facilitate by the amazon Alexa can help the users to find their mobile easily without hassle. There are different applications also which can help the consumers to “find my phone”, and at the last use the commands and important information to find the phone quickly.

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