How To Find Hidden Apple Phone History?

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Having a record of your phone history can prove to be extremely helpful sometimes. However, there are certain features provided by web browsers that help you to hide the history. In this article, we will tell you how to access the hidden history in your apple phone. So, if you want to know this cool trick, keep on reading.

The invention of mobile phones led to that of the internet and then web browsers and then applications and so on. None of these inventions has led us down in terms of the services and features they have to offer. However, sometimes these features are so tricky that you need a solution for it in return. For instance, one might hide their phone history, a brilliant feature but when you want to gain access to it you must know how it’s done. Those, who are in constant touch with these technology-related issues will be able to do it without a doubt but for those who are not, we have this step by step guide for you. 

How To Hide Your Apple Phone’s History?

With the invention of mobile phones, new features are coming up now and then. But, the private browsing feature has been available for iPhone users since the model iPhone 5 came into the market. If you don’t know how to enable this feature, get ready because we are going to tell you this now. You must know this because only if you know how to use it you will be able to access the information that is hidden because of it. 

Here Is What You Need To Do

  1. Open the Safari application and click on the icon that is located at the bottom-most left corner of the screen.
  2. In the new window, you will see the option Private. After this, you need to click “Done” and you are now directed to the private mode with a dark theme.

How To Find And View The Hidden Apple Phone History?

Now that you know how one can change to private mode while surfing the internet, we can move ahead and learn how to know the hidden history on an iPhone. 

  1. Open the Settings.
  2. Scroll down and click on the Browse option.
  3. Find the “Advanced” button, click on it, and then go to Website Data. 
  4. Here you will see the Website Data appear in front of you. 


These are the few steps that you need to follow when you want to view the hidden browsing history on an iPhone. 

The advent of technology began with the invention of mobile phones and there is no going back since then. We have always seen better features since then and all of them have been useful to mankind. These features have been developed to make our lives easier and better. Take, for example, the private browsing feature on web browsers. However, they do store your phone history for your future reference. 

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