How To Buy Mobiles At The Best Online Price?

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Have you been checking out the online price for mobile phones lately? Some of us might be in awe of the discounts they offer, while others might expect something more. Irrespective of that, we have few very useful tips and tricks that will allow you to buy mobile phones at the best online price.

Once you know which is that one smartphone you are ready to invest in, this year you can try each one of these tips and then go with the most cost-effective one.

1. Check Out Different Shopping Platforms

The first thing you need to do before buying a smartphone is to check the prices in all genuine stores like Flipkart, Amazon, Best Buy, etc. After which go through the online website of the brand you are buying the cell phone from. Most of the brands have their websites and have some amazing offers. You might end up saving so much more than the conventional shopping stores.

2. Shop During Holidays For Best Online Price

India is the land of festivals. And festivals mean sales, offers, and great online prices for mobile phones. However, the best deals can be grabbed during Diwali and Durga puja sales. You will see discounts running on offline stores in your town as well, but with online platforms, it is a different story altogether. Almost all the models that have been launched in the past few years have some sort of discount and thus you will surely find the one you wish to buy.

3. One Day Sales

When we say the term ‘one-day sales’ the first thing the comes to our mind are flash sales, anniversary sales, Black Friday sales, etc. These sales only occur once a year but the wait is worth it. The only thing is that you have to be aware and keep checking whether if one of these sales is around the corner or not.

4. Look Out For Carrier Deals

Carriers like Verizon, AT&T, Sprint have some of the most unbelievable deals on smartphones. For instance, Verizon had this deal some time back where, when you buy a Samsung Galaxy S10 and a new unlimited connection from then you are eligible to get an S10e free of cost. That sounds nearly impossible, right? Bonus tip: If you are planning to get a new connection and a brand-new smartphone head on to the whistle-out webpage which lists out all the offers and deals from the different carriers on mobile phones of several brands. 

5. Trade-In To Get Mobile For Best Online Price

The well-proven way to get the cheapest online price for a mobile phone is to trade- in your old one. Yes, when we look back ten to fifteen years, this wasn’t very popular, and you did not even get the right worth of your used phone. But, today, this is one of the easiest ways to score great deals on new mobile phones. You can make use of the trade-in offer at sites like Amazon, Flipkart, and even Apple’s official website.


If you ask us, online shopping is an art. You can get the best online prices when you are aware of the surrounding happenings. And in this article, we shared some of our tried and tested tricks that will help you score the best online price even if it is an investment as huge and important as a new smartphone.

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