How To Avail Cricket Deals On Phones?

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This seems to be the perfect timing of the year, doesn’t it? All because there are so many deals running on phones by almost all the companies and service providers. However, in this article, we will be zeroing in our attention to only cricket deals on phones.

If you are aware of this wireless service provider of the US that has about 10 million subscribers well and good but, in case you aren’t here is a quick overview for you. Cricket Wireless was founded in Year1999, about 26 years after the invention of mobile phones. After the invention of mobile phones, there were not only companies manufacturing the mobile phones but also the network providers. After all, there isn’t much use of cell phones if you do not have a network provider, right? But Cricket Wireless isn’t just any network provider but a rather popular one like the At&t, Verizon etc. At this moment it becomes even more popular because of the deals running on phones. So, if you have been thinking of switching to a better network provider or buying a new line from Cricket Wireless this is the right time.

The Greatest Deals On Phones By Cricket Wireless

Below are some of the wonderful deals on phones by Cricket wireless.

Samsung Galaxy Phones

Samsung Galaxy

Samsung is one of the most preferred mobile phones when you are buying a new mobile phone. But, what if you could get it for free? Exciting, isn’t it? Well, Cricket Wireless has this amazing deal where you can get the Samsung Galaxy A01 or Samsung Galaxy A11 for free when you bring in your phone and get a $60 per month plan activated.

Samsung Galaxy Buds+

Samsung Galaxy Buds +
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 No doubt that the Samsung Galaxy S20+ is one of the premium phones available in the market and now you can get the Samsung Galaxy Buds+ free with this mobile phone when you buy it from Cricket Wireless.

iPhone Deals

Like most of the service providers offering deals and discounts on iPhones, Cricket too has some great ones planned. With the iPhone SE 64 GB, you can save $150 and pay only $250 for the new device. This deal is applicable only when you switch to Cricket. For the iPhone, you are paying just $50 when you are switching to Boost and also buy a $60 plan on your old number.


Sadly, these were the only phones which have deals and offers on them from Cricket Wireless. However, there are some other offers as well. When you sign up for any of the Cricket plans irrespective of the price you get a 30- day free trial of HBO Max where you can watch all the popular series and movies. Originally, this subscription is priced at $14.99 per month. There is also this offer where you’re a family of four can get their subscription to Cricket at just $100 per month.


Before the invention of mobile phones, there was no network provides like these and there were no such deals on phones as well. But, now we have so many options to save that extra cash.

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