How To Avail AT&T Deals On Phones?

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Who doesn’t love saving some extra money especially when the deals are on phones? We all do and with some fantastic deals and discounts on various mobile phones, the mood is all set.

However, we are not talking about any random deals on phones but the AT&T deals and we have our reasons. Apart from AT&T being the second largest network provider in the US and being the largest network provider in the world by revenue it traces back its history to not just the invention of mobile phones but the invention of the telephone. How cool is that? Now, how is the fact relevant you might ask. Well, since it has been in this field since the invention of mobile phones and dates way back then that it means that they have seen all modes of communication evolving and developing. This helps them in providing better quality and greater customer satisfaction to their customers. While we are at it, why don’t we share some of the great AT&T deals on phones and how you can avail of them?

The Greatest AT&T Deals On Phones

Below are some of the greatest AT&T deals which you can avail. Let’s have a look on the same.

Deals On iPhone

on phones

Everyone has been talking about the new iPhone 12 but with AT&T pre-order, you are eligible to get it for free if you are buying a new line with it and trading an old phone as well. However, if you want to go for an oldie but goodie model from Apple you can get the iPhone XR which lets you save about $800 with a trade-in. But, in both cases, you will have to buy a new unlimited data plan.

Deals On Android Phones

On Phones

As far as the android deals are concerned three models are included in this deal. They are the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, Galaxy S20, and LG Velvet. With Note 20 Ultra you get discounts when you trade in but with the other two, you get reduced monthly installments when bought with a new plan.

Accessory Deals

Phone accessory

You also get great discounts and offers on Apple AirPods and watch, AT&T wireless charging pad, the wireless charging car dock etc. however, the best one we have to say is the buy one get discount on other because these watches are a great gifting option and now you get it for up to $200 less.

Freephone Deals

Free deals

We know this is everyone`s favorite where you get a phone for free when buying a new unlimited plan and an appropriate valued trade-in. This time is the iPhone SE which can be yours for absolutely no cost.

Deals On Plans


We have already mentioned some great deals on phones and accessories but what about the different AT&T plans? Well, there are many such as the one where professionals like teachers, healthcare workers, people in the army etc. get a special discount of $8 with a new line.

AT&T has been in the picture even before the invention of mobile phones and with discounts and offers on phones as great as mentioned above it is only getting bigger and better.

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