How Phones Have Created A Difference?

How Phones Have Created A Difference?
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When you sit down and make a list of inventions we are sure you will have a lot to write down and to top in your list will be mobile phones. But, how did phones change the world? When did phones start bringing a change? Too many questions. Well, we are here and we are going to answer all of these for you.

What Are The Changes Brought By Mobile Phones?

The first thing that comes to your mind when we say how did phones change the world depends on person to person. Someone who loves to eat in the comfort of their home would say it helps you order food, for the ones who love shopping would say it connects you with hundreds of online stores. But, we all know about it, don’t we? How can we analyze the different invention of mobile phones have made in our lives? We have the answer to that. We can do so by learning about both the good and bad changes mobile phones have brought in our lifestyle. After all, there are two sides to a can and as readers, you should be aware of either of them. Moreover, did you think we will leave you with just one side of the story?

The Good Changes Of Having A Phone

We do not want to start by listing out the ill effects of using a cell phone so, here we start with all the good changes in our lives.

Knowledge On The Go

How phones have created a difference

Did we ever imagine that we will have a full library compressed into a 5-inch phone? Well, it is true and the cherry on the cake, all this is free of cost. All you need is a mobile phone, an internet connection and you can learn about anything under the sun in just a few seconds.

Safety Comes First

How phones have created a difference

With changing times safety is what all of us need. But, we are not just talking about calling a particular person in time of need but we are talking about live tracking applications, virtually contacting the doctors, making an emergency call to the number you want just by pressing a button, etc. Mobile phones have assured us to travel safely and without worrying.

The World Has Become A Smaller Place

How phones have created a difference

No one but the present generation would know how true this statement is. You can connect to your loved ones living in another country, a continent in the blink of the eye. You do not even need to dial a number drop a text through social media and you can connect to their lives and stay updated with what’s happening in their lives. The world truly has become a small happy place.

Window Shopping

window shopping

We have already talked about how people love shopping from the comfort of their home but due to the pandemic and lockdown window shopping is what came to our rescue. While youngsters could take the risk of stepping out of their houses it was not an option for old-age people and they could get groceries delivered at their doorstep by their phones. This is how constructively phones have changed the world.

Making Money

Manking money

There was a time when the only way to earn money was to step out of the house and get a suitable job for yourself, which was sometimes tough too. But, with the invention of mobile phones people earning sitting on their comfy couch in front of the TV. Mobile phones have introduced us to various ways such ways in which we can earn money without having to step outside.

The Bad Changes Brought By Mobile Phones

It is now time that we turn the page and face some of the ill effects of the invention of mobile phones.

Increase In Crime

How phones have created a difference

Before the invention of mobile phones there was no such thing as a cyber crime but as and when mobile phones evolved along with easy access to the internet crimes increased too. The best data to give you an idea about the seriousness of this issue would be a report by Bromium and McGuire stating that the cyber crime industry generated at least $1.5 trillion in revenue in 2018.

Effects On Health

Effects on health

With people being glued to their phone screens all day long there is no physical activity whatsoever and ultimately they are facing several problems such as obesity, body pain, loss of vision, etc.

Distanced From Family And Society

Distance from family and society

While mobile phones have brought the world closer they have distanced people from the others sitting right beside them. Teenagers and kids no longer want to sit with their family and discuss their life rather, they prefer talking to their online friends and playing video games.

Children`s Education


Yes, we did say that mobile phones are a boon for people who want to gather information and learn new things every day. But, there are downsides to that as well. Kids and students no longer want to try solving problems and quickly switch to online platforms in the search of platforms. Their ability to do trial and error for solving a problem has become nil.

Life Threat

life threat

At first, it might seem a little senseless but, there have been lots of cases where people were caught in an accident because they were talking on the phone while driving or crossing the road. Sometimes, teenagers are more focused on texting or listening to music while riding and it ends in a very unfortunate way.


We mentioned some of the ways, both good and bad in which mobile phones have brought changes in our lives. However, this is not the case with just a mobile phone every invention has its advantages and disadvantages and it depends on us how we would like to use it. So, the next time you ask how did phones change the world, ask yourself how do you want mobile phones to change your world, also do let us know your thoughts in comments.

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