How Much Did The First Car Phone Cost?

First car phone
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In the invention of the mobile phones, we need to keep track of what were the costs of the devices that were used a long time ago as the predecessor of mobile phones. How much did they cost to the customers? And what kind of customer was able to buy those items? These are a few pertinent questions that we will try to answer in this article. The first car phone is one such device.

The Cost Of The First Car Phone

For the making of car phone the state-of-the-art technology was used so it was not going to be a cheap machine for that matters. Till that time the telephones were not luxury if they were part of the American middle class. What other people call the American dream was these things which were a ford car and a brand-new freezer and the telephone. But car phones were a kind of a big deal. And they were installed by the rich people more as to show their richness, not in a sheer necessity. The cost of the Machine that Motorola built was more than 5000 dollars.

If we take by today’s means, the American dollar grew about 3 percent per year on an average in all these years. So, in today’s cost, these phones were about 73000 dollars. One can be a graduate from Ivy League Universities with all these rupees. As mentioned earlier there was a thing the rich in America can only afford at those times. The operating cost of these car phones was also very high. So, it would cost almost double the money per call than an ordinary telephone. Suppose an ordinary call costs 1 dollar per minute then this would cost 2 dollars. The other accessories that came up with this car phone were also very expensive. The invention of mobile phone was not a task of a day if we see this.

Car Phone And Other Accessories

We need to keep a few things in mind before calculating the cost of a car phone. Because they were not like our general telephones or the more sophisticated portable mobile phones. These devices were used to be installed in another modern machine. That is a car. Few car phones were slightly small but there was a need for space to install them. So, the car companies started making extra space and that too adds to the cost of the initial machine.

The bigger car phones such as Motorola which had its very big transmitter faced another problem and that was the low space. They tried to accommodate the machine in the boot space that was available for storing things. The installation cost of the Machine was also way too high because it was not easy to set Antenna and it needed signals that operate the phone in its first place.

Way Ahead

When we now see companies that market their cars as this car runs on the internet. This is where it all started. When we book an Uber and Ola if we knew about the history of the first car phone then we proud of the invention of the mobile phones.

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