How Does The Phone Work?

The Phone
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When you pick up your phone off the desk a question must have crossed your mind that, how does the phones work? They free us from all the worries and help us do millions of tasks but how do they function? Have you ever wondered? You surely would have, but in this article, it’s not just about wondering but finding answers and learning something new. 

The invention of mobile phones has changed the way we communicate. Initially, there were big and bulky mobile phones but. As time progressed they became compact and portable. Their working, however, remained the same. 

How Does Cell Phones Work?

The Phone

All of us are aware of the basic functioning of the phones but that’s it. Knowing that cell phones work like a radio system that can receive voice signals, convert it into radio waves and then send it across to the listener via a tower is not the complete story. There is a lot more to it. To understand the working of phones in a better way there are three elements or terms that you should be aware of. So, let us dive deep into these terminologies and get to know how after the invention of mobile phones, they have become the only mode of communication. 

Radio Waves

Radio Waves

We have already discussed the wave signals involved in cell phone communication. Radio waves play a very important role in the functioning of mobile phones and you should know more about them. When you speak, the digitized voice is changed into electric and magnetic fields. This field has to reach the nearest cell tower to get received by the listener. Radio waves that are transporting this field travel as fast as light and thus, you can get instant reply from the other end. 



In all the three elements that we are mentioning here, antennas are the only one that is available right here in front of us. An antenna is a structure made up of metal that is designed in a way to fulfill the needs of a particular area be it, urban or rural. The invention of mobile phones initially brought cell phones that had antennas attached to it making it more heavy and bulky. Fortunately, the technology has become advanced enough to make antennas that are small and compact enough to be adjusted in cell phones. 

Connectivity Of The Phone


Connectivity is the state of the transmitting and receiving signal connected well enough to serve an uninterrupted connection. But, how do you know that the connectivity is good or not? In every cell phone, there are a series of bars that represent the strength. Also, your cell phones are smartphones to use only the needed connectivity strength to save battery usage. When you use a device now and then and are dependent on it for most of your tasks, you must know the workings of it. The phones work in a very basic but interesting way. 

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