How Can I Delete Apple Phone History?

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Want to delete your apple phone history? Here are the steps you need to follow to do that.

After the invention of mobile phones, iPhones were invented claiming that it is about five generations ahead of the phones then. But, with a mobile high-tech as that came features that were a little difficult to adjust with, if you too agree with the invention of mobile phones from Apple and the slight complexity behind it you too must have faced some sort of problem in the past or even now. One of the problems commonly faced is to delete the phone history. Keep reading to know the how-to steps.

Steps Involved In Deleting Your Apple Phone History

There are several ways by which you can delete your apple phone’s history. we are going to discuss a total of five of them. So,  let us begin with the first one. 

Delete The Phone History In Safari App

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You might have tried deleting history from the safari app but this won’t be able to delete any of the autofill information. So, you need to visit settings, find the safari app and then choose the ‘Clear History and Website Data’ option. Click on ‘Confirm’ and you are done. 

Delete Your Call History

Phone history

You might even want to delete some of the recent calls that you have made or received. Click on the ‘Phone’ app and then the Recents tab. This will take you to all your recent calls. To delete click on the edit option and then the “Red Minus” sign beside the call you want to delete. However, if you want to delete the complete call log click on ‘Clear’. 

Delete Phone History From The Google Search App

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If you have not been accustomed to the Safari application and use Google for your internet needs, you clear the history from there as well. To do so, click the gear button on the top left corner and then Privacy. Next, click on the “browsing” option and this will open the history for you. Now, click on ‘clear on-device history’ to get rid of all the stored history on Google.

Clear The iMessage History 

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Storing all the spam messages on your phone can be tedious. But, here is what you need to do if you want to delete the iMessage history. Click on the Message app and then the edit option. After this, you can select the conversations that you want to delete. After selecting, click on the ‘Delete’ option. 

Erase All The Existing Data

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If you want to erase all the existing data and turn your phone into a brand new one. You can do that as well. To begin, open the Setting app and then the General option. Click on ‘Reset’ and then ‘Erase all Content and Settings’. This will erase all the data and your phone will restart itself. 


With the invention of mobile phones, there are certain interesting features that you can use. One of them is to delete your phone history and turn it into a brand new phone. 

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