Historical Facts About Invention Of Mobile Phone

Invention Of Mobile Phone
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Today’s modern society has always seemed to have a bit of obsession with technology, but no device has had as much impression on the entire world than the invention of mobile phone. The invention of mobile phone has come a long way and have changed the world.

Mobile phones have come a long way to provide information and communication hubs which became fundamental in our modern life. During the last few years, mobile phones have become a kind of addiction to all people. It’s almost impossible to imagine life without them. However, what do you know about your mobile phone which you use all day long? 

Here are some interesting historical facts about the invention of the mobile phone which seems to be your best friend nowadays. 

The Invention Of The First Mobile Phone 

The Invention Of The First Mobile Phone

The first mobile phone – Motorola Dyna TAC 8000X was invented by Martin Cooper, a senior employee at Motorola in the year 1983. It took roughly 10 hours to get fully charged and provided 30 minutes of talk time. An LED display was also provided for dialing or recall of one of 30 phone numbers. This first mobile phone was very costly when it was marketed in the USA. Its monetary value was $3995. 

On 3rd April 1973, the first mobile phone call was placed by Martin Cooper to Dr. Joel S. Engel of Bell Labs, with the first-ever launched mobile phone. The first commercially available cellular phone was Motorola Dyna TAC 8000X which was small enough to be carried. But it was comparatively very large from the phones today.

The First Smartphone Was Manufactured By IBM

Simon Personal Communicator
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The foremost Smartphone was launched on 16 August 1994 by IBM. The phone was named – Simon Personal Communicator. Before its final release. It was the first touch screen phone, commercially available and which could be easily operated with the help of a fingertip or stylus. Moreover, with its functionality to make and receive cellular phone calls, Simon was also able to send and receive faxes, emails, and cellular pages inclusion of calendar, calculator, note pad, and address book.

The First Portable Mobile Phone – Motorola 9800X

Motorola 9800X
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An important part of having a mobile phone is its portability. Motorola 9800X was the first truly portable phone and was introduced in an innovative new flip design where the mouthpiece folded over the keypad in the year 1989. This phone also assimilates a built-in alphanumeric phone book as one of the standard features. It was patterned to fit into a shirt pocket. However, later on, the production of the mouthpiece was located in the base of the phone. It was the smallest and lightest phone available at that time in an analog version.

The First Phone Capable Of Browsing The Web

Nokia 9000 communicator
Image Source computerhistory.org

In 1996, Nokia 9000 communicator brought a revolution by introducing the WAP browser. It was strongly powered by Intel 24 MHz and had 8 MB memory. It was the first invention in Nokia’s communicator series. Seemingly, it was the first invention of mobile phone to run the series 40 and to implement the T9 predictive text input method for composing SMS messages. The Nokia 7110 was known to be the second handset mobile technology that could be used to answer and terminate voice calls with a sliding cover. 

The First Camera Phone On The Market 

Sharp J-SH04
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In the year 2000, Sharp J-SH04 was manufactured by Sharp Corporation which was only available in Japan. It was produced with a built-in, back-facing camera, comprising a 110,000 pixel CMOS image sensor and 256 color displays. However, the phone’s camera on the back was designed to click photos facing away from the user. Its heaviness was 74g and its dimensions were 12x39x17 mm. It had innumerable predecessors and one of them was known as KyoceraVP-210 Visual Phone, which was featured to front-facing 110,000 pixel CMOS camera for video calling and selfie photos 

The 1st Generation iPhone Launched In 2007

1st Generation iPhone
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Steve Jobs, Apple CEO conceived the idea of using a touch screen to interact with a computer in which he could directly type onto the display, without using a stylus or fingertip. iPhone was invented as a combination of three devices – a wide-screen iPod with touch controls, a revolutionary mobile phone, and a developed internet communication by Steve Jobs. It promoted quad-band GSM cellular connectivity with GPRS and Edge support for data transfer and also made use of continuous internet access.

The First One-To-One Chat App 

Chat App

The two former employees of Yahoo – Brian Acton and Jan Koum launched WhatsApp messenger, as the first one-to-one chat app service. It authorized the users to send voice messages, text messages, share other media, and make voice and video calls. Firstly, it was released on the app store for iPhone users, consequently, the company added support for Android OS.

The Invention Of First Android Phone

invention of mobile phone
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The first Android Phone was founded in the United States known as HTC Dream ( or T- mobile G1 ). In the year 2008, G1 was the first commercially launched devices to use the Linux based Android Operating System. The Dream was established in 2008 and considered to be innovative due to its open nature, notification system, heavy integration with Google services like Gmail, and a limited touch screen with a slide keyboard.

First Fingerprint Scanning Feature In iPhone 5S

invention of mobile phone

Fingerprint scanning went mainstream in the seventh generation on iPhone – The iPhone 5S. It was featured to the redesigned home button, vastly upgraded internal hardware. Touch ID, a fingerprint recognition system was introduced to unlock the iPhone.


The history of the invention of mobile phone started with experiments of communications from and to moving vehicles rather than handheld devices. Mobile phones were founded as early as the 1940s when the engineers were working at AT&T developed cells for mobile phone base stations. Earlier, the very first mobile phones were not mobile phones at all. They were simply two-way radios which offered decent communication to the emergency services. We hope the invention of mobile phone has given you enough interesting knowledge which you feel amazing to know. 

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