Greatest Personality Who Invented The iPhone

Greatest Personality Who Invented The iPhone
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If there is one revolution in the field of mobile phones it has to be the introduction of the iPhone to us and since it has brought remarkable changes in what all a small handheld device can do it becomes obvious that we would like to know who invented iPhone.So, without any further delay let us jump into answering this question.

Who Invented The iPhone?

who invented the iPhone

Steven Paul Jobs often called Steve Jobs was the person who introduced us to a new age mobile phone call as iPhone and while he did so he claimed that this phone is about 5 years ahead of what we had been using then. He founded his own company Apple with Wozniak in the year 1976. They had been working on a personal computer and that is why they decided to start a company of their own. This personal computer from Apple brought fame and success to the founders of the company and then began their journey of innovations and revolutions in the field of technology.

During his term in Apple, he made innovations such as the first microcomputer for the masses, the first computer available for masses with a Graphical User Interface, and the first laser printer. After bringing such useful innovations Jobs was forced to quit his position in Apple in the year 1985. Then how did he become the one who invented the iPhone? Scroll down to the next section to know more about that topic.

How And When Did Steve Jobs Think Of An iPhone?

Steve Jobs

As mentioned earlier Apple has been the innovator for many technical devices but the idea of the iPhone was a total game-changer since phones before that were bulky, not easy to carry, and expensive. No doubt Steve managed to be the fact of the iPhone and its invention but the first idea of something like this popped up in John Casey`s mind. He was looking forward to designing something which is a combination of a telephone and their iPad.

Steve and the team thought that this is the new face of cellular technology and that is when they started working on an iPhone. This dream of Steve, John Casey, and the Apple team came true on 9th January 2007. It was just the beginning of a whole new world that Apple has opened for its customers. Moreover, Apple then began working on its iPhone and making it better each year. As of now, Apple has 20 models of iPhone each of them with its characteristics and better than the predecessor.

Steve Jobs: Childhood

who invented the iPhone
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Born on February 24, 1955, Steve Jobs was adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs. Until he was 31, he struggled to face his biological parents but before that, this is what happened. Jobs always loved working with machines and hanging out with engineers in his neighborhood. His father even built a workbench in his garage so that his son could do what his heart desires.

In school Jobs wasn’t very keen on learning since he found the traditional teaching methods a waste of time. He used to trouble teachers and disrespect them. However, there is one teacher in his school life Imogene Teddy Hill who came up with new ways to make him learn stuff.

Steve Jobs` Interests In His College Years

Steve Jobs
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Jobs has always been someone who was more inclined towards the more scientific and rational things but when he was studying in Homestead High School, during 1970 he started reading literature and appreciating literary forms of art. He read the works of Shakespeare, Plato, Dylan Thomas, etc. Later on, he decided to join Reed College in the year 1972. However, he dropped out only after the first semester but what kept him tied to the college was a calligraphy class on campus. It seemed like he enjoyed calligraphy and gives the credit for different fonts in Mac to his calligraphy classes and the teacher.

Steve Jobs And The Apple

who invented the iPhone

Undoubtedly, Steve Jobs and Wozniak are the two people who founded Apple Inc. an organization that looks forward to both revolution and evolution. However, as mentioned above Jobs resigned from Apple in 1985 and went on to start his own company, NeXT Inc. but he managed to get back into the former company when Apple declared that it would take over NeXT.

After his return to Apple, its technology and sales flourished. They came with new appliances, new software and new technologies.

Jobs` Resignation At Apple Inc.

This roller coaster ride of Steve Jobs and the world`s what you can call the most trusted company, Apple, eventually came to an end. August 24, 2011 Jobs declared that he will be resigning from his post as the CEO since he needs to focus on his medical condition right now. Tim Cook then became the CEO and handled all the responsibilities.

Greatest Personality Who Invented The iPhone
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iPhone is truly one of the wonders created by mankind himself, for his benefits presently and for the future generations to evolve as and when the situation demands. As of 2019, 2.2 billion iPhones have been sold worldwide, and rightly so. Apple knows what is t that customers are looking for in a cellular phone and presented exactly that in the form of iPhones.

In 2007, when Jobs staged the introduction of the very first iPhone he claimed that these phones are 5 years ahead of any new mobile phone that might come in the way. Indeed, other companies like Samsung and Google took even more than that to find its niche and to present phones that if not better can at least compete with the iPhone.

With iPhones being as life-changing as the ones we have witnessed in the last decade, the journey of these being the first consumer choice becomes as exciting and thrilling as the man who invented the iPhone. This article, however, presents only a summary of the life of the man who invented the iPhone and his great innovation, the iPhone itself. 

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