What The World Would Be Like If First Android Phone Didn’t Exist?

First Android Phone
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In this blog post, I will be discussing when the First Android Phone was launched and the company that made it.

First Android Phone

The First Android Phone was launched on September 23, 2008, so people knew little about Android. The purpose company was that it competed with both the iPhone and Apple. Most of the two brands used to run, the first iPhone and the second Apple, both were huge brands, and their phones used to be very expensive because no lava company became a high-level mobile. that’s why Android phones were launched.

How First Android Phone Was Launched?

The company could not launch Android, that is why three companies made it together and launched it in 2008, it was launched in 2008, but it was brought to the market in 2009 when it came first in the market, its rate was $399. This means that around INR 28000 thousand of the market since it came in the market, Chris’s went very much after Android, that the best-selling mobile was Android phone and in those days Apple and iPhone did not buy the people because of that time.

If someone was the cheapest and best mobile, then it was an Android mobile. The name of all three companies started running. Google, second HTC, third e-mobile in all three earned a lot of names and the name of this phone was G1. Previously, skin tachos did not work in Android, for this, there was a kibot. In this kibot, all your alphabets were found and you could easily search for anything. If you had to send a message to someone, you could easily send it first.

First Android Phone Features

The First Android Phone had a button on the side that you could turn off and this very good mobile was launched. When there was an Android mobile in 2006, it did not have a Play Store. At that time there was an Android store. If you had to download something, then you had to download the Android Store.

The Android Store also used to work in the Play Store. It also had all the apps and running the Android Store. It was also very easy, so it did not require a play store. You were able to download yourself easily on Android. You could not connect the headphones directly to your phone. This needed a divider to connect your headphones to connect that divider. After you can connect your headphones, in the first Android Phone, you had two things apart. First, you had to use Android instead of the Play store. Second, you need a divider to connect your headphones.


The First Android Phone lasted for two years and then was discontinued. Later in 2010 came another Android mobile and made some changes to its features. After 2010, many companies launched their Android phones like Samson, Motorola, Vivo, Oppo, etc. Android phone after this, all the companies launched all the mobile phones after that, they made changes one after the other.

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