Do We Have Mobile Phones Before 1991?

1991 Mobile Phone
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The invention of mobile phones revolutionized our whole lives, but when we think about 1991 Mobile Phone the picture doesn’t become much clearer in that sense. The presence of mobile phones is such that in our lives that we really cannot imagine our lives without them. However, the answers to this question the do we have Mobile Phones before 1991? Here lies the great confrontation between different experts. Some consider the arrival of some specifications in the phone may have created a way for mobile phones. Others may not think the same. As we all know that the invention of Mobile Phones didn’t just happen in just a day, many of its developments took time. In this article we will talk about the mobiles before 1991 and how they were different from our nowadays smartphones.

Mobiles Before 1991

We can say that we have 1991 mobile phone and its long history. The concept of Mobile Phones came into place with the demand for a device that can serve the purpose of calling when we are moving. Police wireless had such kind of mechanism, but they work in a close network area. The walkie-talkie was also this kind of device. However, we really cannot say that these were the mobile phones that we are talking about. These devices exist independent of the mobile phone and its technology. Mobile Phone is such a device which is made to talk over the phone while walking or doing something. It decreases the burden of the Transmitter and Receiver. This kind of phone was hard to find but our scientists and innovators have done it.

Technology Of Mobile Phones Before 1991

The invention of mobile phone has made things easy for us. However, to read the journey of these phones is not an easy task. Mobile phone technology was started evolving in the area of 1970s. Motorola became a trailblazer in the scenario and made devices that we can call the first phone mobile phones. Motorola Dynatac 8000x was such an attempt to make the first mobile phone. It was an honest attempt in the way of making the first mobile phone. 1980s can be said as the decade where these things were started taking shape all over the world. Mainly in the part of North America, West Europe and in Japan these developments were happening.

Motorola from the United States of America, Nokia from Europe and Sony from Japan were leading the game. The initial mobile phone prototypes were developed by the Motorola, but they were in CDMA form. This is a simple language means that the company which provides the system will be responsible for the mobile networks. Europe was struggling with the GSM phones where the Mobile system provider was different than the network provider. So, the credits cannot be given to a single company or country.  Yes, Mobile Phones existed before 1991. However, the invention of the mobile phones was not up to date at that time still the mobile phones were there before 1991 and the 1991 mobile phone were style statements.

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