Disadvantages And Advantages Of Mobile Phones

Disadvantages And Advantages Of Mobile Phones
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Look around you and you won’t find a single being without a mobile phone. We know how to use these devices to make our life easier. But what we don’t know is what effects it has, in other words, the disadvantages and advantages of mobile phones.

Disadvantages Of Using Mobile Phones

Every time something new is introduced in our lives we get all pumped and excited about it. The same is the case with mobile phones. However, the craze for cell phones has always raised and accelerated. Never have we seen a drop in its usage.

But after you know these disadvantages you might want to put your phone down and reduce the screen time.

1. Loss Of Creativity

G oogle is the one-stop solution for all our questions. Be it a simple question about the capital of different states or a brainstorming mathematical equation. Google knows it all. But, imagine how many things you would have learned if you would just open a book and go through the different pages.

There is absolutely no doubt that we are dependent on the internet for all our doubts and lost touch with the real piece of information, books. As a result, new ideas are coming up and we head on straight to the internet for all ideas.

2. Distraction

The effects of continuous usage of the mobile phone are more than just the ones on your health. These are the effects on your mind and brain. One of them is the addiction to always be in front of a screen. A mobile phone, tablet, or laptop. The continuous notification popping up keeps you glued to your seat and the screen.

3. Privacy At Risk

Cell phones have indeed made the world a smaller place. You connect to a person living 70 miles away in just 7 seconds. But the data you share online with such distant friends and relatives is it protected? Not to mention, there has been news about your social media being watched.

So, when you have to think twice before doing anything on a social platform, are we getting that independence? Most certainly not.

4. Cell Tower Radiation

The health hazards of using a cell phone go without saying. But, the impacts of cell tower radiation on our health is a different story altogether. The towers that are set up on top of buildings are used by cell phones for seamless communication through microwaves. When close to the radiation, these waves can cause the temperature of your head to rise by about one degree.

5. Cell Phones Spread Infections

Before 2020, this might not have grabbed your attention as it did now. But mobile phones are potential carriers of bacteria which then get transmitted to your hands and other body parts. The bacteria on your mobile phones are from different places you visited like the restroom, hospital, restaurant tables etc.

Advantages Of Using Mobile Phones

The flip side of the coin is the good this invention has brought to human society. If you are as dependent on their mobile phones as most of the population today, we are sure you can list out 100 of these. So, here are some of the major advantages of having a cell phone

1. Affordable

Anything affordable is available to a greater number of people. Mobile phones and their services are one amongst those. These are priced anywhere between 2,000 to 1, 50,000 and even more. So, there are options for every section of customers out there. And the kind of options telecom companies is innumerable.

2. Easy To Use

Next time when you see a two-year-old use a mobile phone, don’t be shocked. These are such easy to operate that be it a toddler or 60-year-old anyone can use and benefit from them. While we are not sure if it is of any use for a two-year-old we do know that it gives their mother a sigh of relief. As for elderly people, it can be used for storing emergency information, medicine alerts, reminders, track their fitness etc.

3. Easy Access To The Internet

If there is one invention after the mobile phone, that is as brilliant as itself, it has to be the internet. However, to access the internet one had to sit in front of the computer before the invention of mobile phones. Which means you could not use the internet on the go. Smartphones came early in the 2000s and since then we have been able to use the internet to its full potential.

4. Learning

During the pandemic, smartphones have played a vital role in learning. Students were able to continue their studies and employees were able to earn by working from the comfort of their home.

5. Safety

Mobile phones and especially smartphones allow us to do so much more than calling and using the internet. It has a camera, emergency dial, GPS and so many more features that provide a sense of safety.


We are sure you must have been aware of these disadvantages and advantages of mobile phones. But you might need to remind yourself and give it a thought if you are weighing these aspects responsibly or not.

This will act as a reminder and help you become a smart user and consumer of the mobile phone and its services. Based on these disadvantages and advantages of mobile phones, I am sure you are going to limit the usage of your phone. Do let us know in comment box if you have some other disadvantages and advantages in mind. You can also check out guide on ‘How Phones have created a difference‘.

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