Compare iPhone XR And 11 – Which Apple iPhone Is Better To Buy?

Compare iPhone XR And 11
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iPhone XR and 11 are the two most talked-about iPhone today and thus, it is obvious one would want to compare iPhone XR and 11.

Apple recently came out with the iPhone 12 series but the older models still have a special place in the market and consumers are still buying those. The iPhone 11 which was launched in 2019 and starts at $599 can be closely compared to the iPhone XR which is the 2018 model. There is a significant difference between the two but one of them certainly carries the day.

Features  iPhone XRiPhone 11
Thickness0.33 inches0.33 inches
Height5.94 inches5. 94 inches
Weight6.84 ounces6.84 ounces
Display size6.10 inches6.10 inches
Front camera7 MP12 MP
Rear camera12 MP12 MP + 12 MP
Internal memory64 GB64 GB
Battery2942 mAh3110 mAh

iPhone XR


The iPhone XR has a pretty classic look to it. It has got a notch display which has a selfie camera and sensors. In these terms, it is pretty similar to the previous model i.e., the XS model. It has a glass back that is available in six different colours- black, white, yellow, coral, blue and red. The bezels, however, a little thicker and the edges curve out outwards.


The iPhone XR has a 6.1- inch Liquid Retina display LCD which displays true colours and mesmerizes the viewers. The brightness is about 589 nits which are bright enough to be illegible. The con however is that the shadows and blacks are not that impressive and ultrawide viewing angles are not in competition to the XS or 11 models.


When you compare iPhone XR and 11 the biggest difference between the two is in their cameras. The first being the fact that the former has a single camera while the rather boasts of a dual-camera setup. But, even with the single-camera, the photos are as good as the XS and XS Max. You can also click portrait photos with the XR model but it is not as accurate as the iPhone 11 since it only clicks portraits of humans.


The iPhone XR features the A12 Bionic processor which lets you run heavy editing apps and gaming apps smoothly and without any interruption. Even the video editing apps run faster and smother making sure that the price difference doesn’t affect the performance. The A12 Bionic processor also makes sure that your day-to-day activities run smoothly.

Battery Life

The iPhone XR is an upgrade to the XS model and the upgrade is in terms of the battery capacity as well. When you are a medium user, the smartphone will last you for about 11 to 12 hours. But if you are expecting a USB- C charging you will be disappointed. There is wireless charging though.

iPhone 11


Before we compare iPhone XR and 11 in terms of performance, let us have a look at the design.  There are a lot of similarities in the XR and 11 models and it seems like Apple hasn’t done much this time apart from adding a few trendy colours. The front screen is almost indistinguishable but when you look at the back the camera setup, tells us all. There is a difference in the thickness as well and you can feel it when held in the hand.


The iPhone 11 has a 6.1- inch LCD which Apple likes to call the ‘Liquid Retina Display’. To be honest, this is a pretty average display where you won’t get a lot of bright colours, shadows and whites. One of the biggest cons is that it has got thick borders which can be distracting.


The first improvement in the performance is for the Face ID unlock. The field of view has been increased making sure that the recognition is faster and better. Apple has also added a lot of shortcuts meaning you don’t have to always go to the settings to make even the slightest changes. All the apps ran pretty smooth including the heavy gaming apps.


Out of all the aspects we looked after to compare iPhone XR and 11 the latter’s cameras is the highlight. Also, the iPhone 11 is the first iPhone to have a dual-camera setup. One of them is a wide-angle sensor and the other is an ultra-wide-angle lens. Both of these lenses work together to click amazing landscapes and portraits. Moreover, Apple introduced a new feature in the iPhone11 launch called Deep Fusion.

Battery Life

iPhone XR was appreciated widely for its battery capacity and thus there is tough competition between the two. But you will be surprised to know that the iPhone 11 lasted for about 25 to 27 hours with low usage. There is no fast charger included in the box but it does support wireless charging and that’s a plus point.


iPhone XR and 11 are close competitors because they were launched one after the other. And thus, there are a lot of specifications that are similar as we can see in the table above. But still, Apple gives us enough space to compare iPhone XR and 11.

This was our take on a mini-review of iPhone XR and 11 and how we would compare the two smartphones. If you are confused between the two and want to conclude this article will be extremely helpful to you.

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