Android 9 Vs 10 – Battery Consumption, UI, Design And Themes

Android 9 vs 10

Android 9 vs 10 is a version made for Android. After the release of Android 10 (Android Q) in 2019, we have seen it on our device. Also, mobile users have started liking its attractive new features and updates. But it is not that we do not like Android 9. This version is much better. … Read more

Compare iPhone XR And 11 – Which Apple iPhone Is Better To Buy?

Compare iPhone XR And 11

iPhone XR and 11 are the two most talked-about iPhone today and thus, it is obvious one would want to compare iPhone XR and 11. Apple recently came out with the iPhone 12 series but the older models still have a special place in the market and consumers are still buying those. The iPhone 11 … Read more

Best Sites To Compare Smartphones In 2021

Compare Smartphones

Need to compare smartphones? Today, we will be taking you through ten websites that have made this hardship a piece of cake. Mobile phones these days are so important that we cannot even sit for five minutes without going through them. And when you spend so much time on a device you have to make … Read more

Wonderful iPhone Launched By Apple – Complete Guide


Apple has launched multiple iPhone; however there are 4 mobiles which have made a huge impact in the market. In this article, we are going to discuss about 4 wonderful iPhones launched by apple. 1. iPhone SE 2020 Apart from the excellent features of the Apple iPhone SE 2020. The configuration offers quality performance. It … Read more

Mobile Phone Size Comparison – Complete Guide

Phone Size Comparison

Mobile phone buyers these days are considering the phone size comparison more than anything else. And if you are amongst them, you have landed on the right page.  Planning to buy a new smartphone? We understand you are confused and some might not even know where to start from. So, we are going to introduce … Read more