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Best Mobile Guide
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Want to stay connected to your friends and family? Check. Need to book the next flight to your hometown? Check. Craving deliciousness and want to order food online? Double-check.

There is just so much a mobile phone can do that at a certain point you no longer know what is it that you actually need and what can be skipped. When you search ‘mobile phones’ on the internet there is a never-ending list of these devices one after the another. All of which unique and different than the last one. 

However, with the best mobile guide and answering some of the very basic questions about what you want and expect from a mobile phone, you can very easily narrow down these features and come down to a conclusion. After which you can invest in a mobile phone accordingly. So, let us begin with the first question.

What Is Your Budget?

If there is one factor that can break or make the deal in a blink it is nothing but the price tag. So, before you search the best mobile for yourself you must know what your budget is and how much are you ready to pay.

Now, if you want affordable smartphones which belong to the low- mid-range or mid-range but don’t compromise on quality, you can begin by filtering out the brand names. Some such brands are Samsung, Realme, Xiaomi, Motorola etc. They have a great collection and their smartphones are good inside out.

However, if you cannot make your pick or are still confused another alternative is to look at unlocked android phones.You must know about locked phones from AT&T or Verizon. And unlocked phones are just the opposite. They can be used with any of the carriers available in the market. So, if you are low on budget, unlocked phones are a great alternative.

On the other hand, if you don’t mind investing in a smartphone, a wide range of smartphones awaits you as well. You might want to check out the iPhone 12 pro max, Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, One Plus 8 Pro, Motorola Edge+ etc.

What Operating System Do You Prefer?

Now that you know what budget range you are looking at; the next step is to decide which operating system you will be going for.

There are two operating systems to choose from- Android and iOS. While Android is the more popular one, the latter has its own advantages and disadvantages. And for you to make a better comparison between the two we have prepared a table of the benefits and drawbacks of having an iOS-based smartphone.

Advantages   Disadvantages
The performance of iOS mobile phones is better than android. When you are using the app store you must pay for several apps which are free of cost in the play store.
These devices are well suited for gamers due to their performance and experience.  The iOS interface is available only in Apple devices.
These devices have high security and its quite difficult to go through it.  iOS devices are costlier than the usual android devices.
Basic applications like Google maps have more features for iOS than android.  iOS-based devices do not support SD Cards.
The camera experience for iOS is far better than android.iOS devices are expensive to get repaired as well.

So, iOS devices clearly have a lot of advantages and disadvantages when compared to Android smartphones. However, the biggest difference between the two is that while you have hundreds of options in an android operating system the iOS OS only has a few devices.

Is Display Important To You?

The next big question in this best mobile guide is how important a good display is to you. If you spend a lot of time watching Netflix, streaming YouTube or playing games you would know what role does a good display and screenplay.

But, before we hop on to the type of display think what screen size you would be comfortable with. Essentially there are three different sizes- <5 inches, 5- 5.5 inches and >5.5 inches. The smaller the screen, the more compact it is. But you can opt for a bigger screen as well if you use your mobile phone for reading books or entertainment purposes.

As for the display quality you can choose between AMOLED, LCD, OLED, Super AMOLED etc. All these display types have their characteristics and you can choose accordingly.

Want An Amazing Camera? These Phones Are Good Enough

One of the biggest reasons why buyers are ready to invest a little more in mobile phones is if they get a better camera. However, it is not about the number of cameras anymore. Rather it is about the processor and the lens used.

So, if you are looking for a good camera phone you can go for the new iPhone series, iPhone 11 or iPhone X. However, if you do not want to buy an iOS-based device go for Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL.

Performance Is What Matters At The End Of The Day

The best mobile guide would be incomplete if we didn’t tell you about how important it is to select a mobile phone with good performance. And the performance of a smartphone depends on two factors- processor and RAM.

The type of processor that is used in your device decides the experience of not just the interface but the overall working. Some of the very capable processors are Snapdragon, Exynos 990, Apple A13 Bionic etc. Another important thing to know is that the processor is also responsible for making your camera experience better or worse i.e. image processing. Some of the phones have just one camera but with the processor click images which are 10x better than a mobile phone with three or four cameras. And the biggest example of this scenario is the iPhone.

As for the RAM, you should opt for a greater RAM if your budget allows so. This is because a greater RAM makes sure that the apps occupying space on the device are running smoothly and not affecting the overall working of the device. So, go for a mobile phone which has the RAM of at least 3 GB or 4GB. And if you install a lot of heavy apps on your device you can always go ahead with greater RAM.


At this point, if you find yourself having a clear idea about what is it that you want from your new mobile phone, this indeed was the best mobile guide. Because at the end of the day you must be confident about the decision you are making and if you go through the whole process of selecting one with facts and correct information, you will not regret your purchase.

Now, what are you waiting for? Go to that store or website and get yourself a new mobile phone with the help of best mobile guide and explore what all can you do with it.

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