Top 6 Best Keyboard For Android

Best Keyboard For Android
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We all know how important the keyboard is in Android. You can use many types of keyboards for your Android phone. There are several types of Android keyboards you can use to change the keyboard. We are going to tell you about the Best Keyboard for Android here today.

Best Keyboard For Android

You can completely change the appearance of the keyboard in your mobile phone through a few simple steps. There are a lot of keyboard apps available in the Play Store, but not all of them are good. Today you also get different keyboard features in Android theme, which you can use for yourself. If you do not have to do typing with a pre-installed keyboard, type is some of the best Android keyboard apps that you can download.

1. SwiftKey


SwiftKey is the most commonly used keyboard by Android users. Through this you can change the style of your font. Being one of the most popular Android apps in general, you can use it in a Smartphone. SwiftKey has a lot of predictions and autocrat’s, which you can use to customize the theme.

2. Gboard


Gboard is a keyboard powered by Google. It comes installed when you take an Android phone, but if it is not on your device, you can download it directly from the Play Store. Gboard is simple and very fast. Which increases the speed of writing. It has a multitude of features, like some other keyboard apps.

3. Chrooma


As the name itself suggests, Chrooma is a very colorful keyboard. In this, you get the convenience of changing many font styles along with good convenience. The ability of the keyboard is able to change the color depending on the app being used. Chrooma is light and very fast, it is available in less MB, which you can easily install in your Keyboard for Android.

4. Slash Keyboard

Slash Keyboard

The slash keyboard is the keyboard used for Android. In this, you can increase typing speed. You can use the keyboard to do a detailed search of your words. It also shows the correct spelling of your words. Just type a “/” and you can use the command for popular services like Google, YouTube, Giphy.

5. TouchPal

Best Keyboard For Android

TouhPal helps make your typing easier. Through this, you can see your written words beforehand. When you are typing one-word predictions for the next word, you will see a list of next letters that you are most likely to tap next. You can add your words to the keyboard by clicking there.

6. Fleksy

Best Keyboard For Android

Fleksy is seen as the fastest keyboard. Many Android users use it. Although we cannot confirm or refute that claim, you can download it and see it for yourself. This is a fast keyboard; you can download it for yourself from the Play Store. It has great autocorrects, gestures, and tons of detail.


Friends, we have told you about some types of Android Keyboard. If you also want to use a new keyboard in your Android device, then you can try using any of the keyboards we have mentioned. We have told you about the Best Keyboard for Android here. All these will enhance your typing experience, and you can type words in different fonts.

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