Why Are Cell Phones Called ‘Cell Phones’?

why are cell phones called cell phones

While scrolling down that screen we are sure the question that why are cell phones called cell phones must have crossed your mind. Right? Well, we think it is time that you finally sit down, read this article and get the correct answer to your question. So, let us begin and answer your question in … Read more

Who Is The Father Of Mobile?

Who Is The Father Of Mobile

Mobile phones are our best companion but who introduced this device in our lives or who is the father of mobile? With cell phones being such innovative yet usual devices the addiction to them is growing day by day. From kids to adults everyone seems to be glued to them every hour every second. However, … Read more

5 Major Moments In The History of Cell Phone

5 Major Moments in the History of Cell Phone

Cell phones are some amazing devices, aren’t they? But, what about the history of cell phones? What about the different stages involved in the process? What year did cell phones come out to the public? These are some of the questions that have stuck with us for what seems like forever but this is where … Read more

Greatest Personality Who Invented The iPhone

Greatest Personality Who Invented The iPhone

If there is one revolution in the field of mobile phones it has to be the introduction of the iPhone to us and since it has brought remarkable changes in what all a small handheld device can do it becomes obvious that we would like to know who invented iPhone.So, without any further delay let … Read more

The Person Who Invented Mobile Phone

Martin Cooper

After money, if there is one materialistic thing that we seem to care about the most are mobile phones and since you are here you most probably wanted to know who invented mobile phones, these amazing compact devices. Right?  This is the first thing that you look at when you open your eyes in the … Read more