How To Hack Android Phone Remotely?

How To Hack Android Phone Remotely

Don’t judge yourself for wondering how to hack android phone remotely. It has become a very common issue today and you can hack almost any smartphone you want if you are aware of the how-to. Android indeed is one of the most popular operating systems today. But it has its disadvantages. The most common one … Read more

How To Recover Deleted Videos From Android Phone Without Root?

how to recover deleted videos from android phone without root

A lot of our readers might be wondering why haven’t we talked about how to recover deleted videos from android phone without root yet? Well, here we are. We know how important data is for all of us and when you accidentally delete data that was so very important to you it doesn’t heart less … Read more

How To Make A Playlist On Android Phone?

How To Make A Playlist On Android Phone

Are you confused about how to make a playlist on android phone? Playlists truly are an amazing invention and each one of us who listen to music regularly should know how to make playlists. Now, the most popular music application on most android phones is Google music and that is where you can begin by … Read more

Best Samsung Widgets – Complete Guide

Samsung Widgets

If you are wondering about Samsung widgets, let us tell you that most of the Samsung widgets are common for all android users. But being a Samsung smartphone surely has advantages for the home screen and the overall user experience. Also, Samsung is one brand name that most of us are used to and comfortable … Read more

Samsung Galaxy M31s – Full Specifications – Price In India

Samsung Galaxy M31s

Do you know Samsung has recently launched its new phone – Samsung Galaxy M31s. This mobile phone is the successor of the Galaxy M31. The major improvement in Galaxy M31s will be its 6000 mAh battery, paired with 25 watts supercharging. M31s will also support reverse charging. Another amazing feature supported by the new mobile … Read more