Are At&T Mobile Phones Available For Free?

AT&T Mobile Phones
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Since at&t mobile phones are one of the most popular today, you must have heard about them or seen someone using and appreciating them. Ever wondered why these mobile phones have come this far and become so popular? The answer lies around you. The consumers you see who boast about the good customer service, offers, and discounts on at&t mobile phones are the living proof as to why this network is so popular. Moreover, who doesn’t like to save some extra cash and avail discounts right?

At&t mobile phones have been in the market not long after the invention of mobile phones and thus, another thing that speaks for their popularity is their experience in the field. After the invention of mobile phones many networking companies came and went, but what has stuck throughout are companies like At&t. they come up with exciting new discounts and offers now and then for the existing as well as new customers. That brings us to the recent offer that is running on at&t mobile phones.  Want to know? Keep scrolling.

How To Get At&T Mobile Phone For Free?

Ever heard of smartphones for free? No, right? Well, here we are sharing with you the most striking deal from at&t mobile phones. The Buy One Get One offer. We bet you have heard of this offer before but only in grocery or clothing stores not with smartphones. Now, since you are hearing it for the first time why not experience it too? But before you do that know about this offer to the T and then make the final call.

The BOGO Offer By At&T Mobile Phones

Without any more beating around the bush, let us keep this straight. When you buy two brand new smartphones which are either on AT&T Next Every Year or AT&T Next. However, you can only choose from five mobile phones. You can choose which one you want to buy from the Samsung Galaxy S7, Samsung Galaxy S6 32 GB, Samsung Galaxy S6 Active 32 GB, LG G5and the LG V10. However, like any other offer, there are some terms and conditions here as well. Go through them once and you will be all set to carry home two smartphones at the price of one. Here are those:

  • Both the phones that you choose should belong to the same manufacturing company.
  • The second phone should be a new connection.
  • The first smartphone can be an upgrade as well.
  • Both the phones should be added to a qualified service plan.
  • Taxes should be paid for both the smartphones.
  • Bill credits will be received after three bill cycles.

Ever since the invention of mobile phones, you would not have heard of an offer as big and exciting as this we bet. However, this is your lucky day and you can very easily avail of this offer and get yourself two at&t mobile phones by paying the cost of just one. Exciting, isn’t it?

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