Android 9 Vs 10 – Battery Consumption, UI, Design And Themes

Android 9 vs 10
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Android 9 vs 10 is a version made for Android. After the release of Android 10 (Android Q) in 2019, we have seen it on our device. Also, mobile users have started liking its attractive new features and updates. But it is not that we do not like Android 9. This version is much better. We will provide you complete information about Android 9 vs 10 in this post today.

Android 9 Vs 10

Android users and their developers are very keen on giving many updates. We all wait for the new version of Android. In this, you get information about many upcoming features for the device. Almost every year, some special features are added to Android devices to make users more attractive and active. The biggest shift of Android 10, Android Pie, has provided many different features to users of Android devices.

In this, you have added many features such as gesture navigation, privacy control, along with dark themes. Android 10 is considered the biggest release of Android OS. The purpose of telling you all its features is to know which version is better. Android 10 or Android 9. Let us tell you about the various features of Android 10. From this, you can see, which proves to be better in Android 9 vs 10.

UI Design And Themes

The biggest difference in Android 9 vs 10 is seen in its UI design and theme. Android Pie, which is Android 9, brought a changed version of the colors for the Android OS ecosystem. It is different from the color you saw in Android 9. App icons provide a more engaging feel. The UI of Android Pie offers a great look with a curved look with soft edges.

Android 10 introduced a system-wide dark mode and a plethora of themes after the update. There are many things you get changed in this, which helps to customize the font size, style, and icon size on the device. With an OLED screen, mobile users can combine their experience with Android 9 plus 10.

Battery Consumption of Android 9 Vs 10

Android version is used to reduce battery consumption. Google has always tried that the system consumes the least amount of battery. So that the user’s battery works longer. Through the Android 9 update, Google has worked on ‘Adaptive Battery’ and ‘Automatic Brightness Adjust’. You can increase battery life in both versions with dark mode and an advanced adaptive battery setting.

Privacy And security

Google has tried to introduce much better privacy and security options in Android 10 than Android 9. Android 9 also has similar features. But some updates have been received in 10. Android 10 provides a dedicated privacy section in the Settings app. In which one can request things like calendar, location, camera, and microphone.

Messaging And Emojis

You might have noticed that Google has introduced 157 new smile emojis in Android 9.0. It became the second vendor to support emoji in one version. It includes animals, flowers, and objects in the new emoji. The user has got so many Emojis together, which are not found in any other OS. Apart from this, the Android version has made changes in Emojis for gender-neutral.

Machine learning is used in Android 10 messaging applications. It comes with the facility of smart replies and suggested functions. It provides quick responses to you in writing mail on Gmail. Users can quickly reply to WhatsApp or other application messages without opening the app.

Notifications in Android 9 Vs 10

In Android 9, notification was introduced more smartly and powerfully than 10. You had a reply facility in the notification bar. Users can view pictures and stickers in the notification bar before opening the message. And they can also be repaired.

With the help of the above details on Android 9 vs 10, you can decide which one is the best android for you. Do let us know in the comments which is your favorite android version.

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