5 Major Moments In The History of Cell Phone

5 Major Moments in the History of Cell Phone
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Cell phones are some amazing devices, aren’t they? But, what about the history of cell phones? What about the different stages involved in the process? What year did cell phones come out to the public? These are some of the questions that have stuck with us for what seems like forever but this is where you will get all the information related to the invention of mobile phones and also the major events responsible for evolving mobile phones into these fantastic devices we never want to put down. So, what are we waiting for? 

The Beginning

It is quite obvious that the invention of mobile phones was very new to human beings and it did not simply emerge from nowhere nor was it discovered by anyone. Rather, it was invented by a Motorola engineer named Martin Cooper. The first cell phone called DynaTac was introduced to the press and the globe on April 3, 1973. But, it became available for sale and to be used by common people years later.

5 Major Moments in the History of Cell Phone

People could buy the first cell phone in the year 1984 and this device weighs approximately 0.8 kilograms. In terms of power, it was quite similar since it had a rechargeable battery. Once charged fully, this battery would last for eight hours straight. But, what wasn’t common with the cell phones we use today is the pricing.

The first mobile phone was priced at $4,000 and makers were not sure if people would like to invest their money in cell phones. Moreover, this was just a basic mobile phone and it had a long journey before it could make significant changes in the world around us, all of which we are going to discuss in the next sections. Keep scrolling.



After the basic cell phones were introduced and up for sales in the market, it was now time to make things better and easier. Yes, you guessed it right it was time to move onto smartphones. The basic idea behind developing a smartphone or the first smartphone was that it should be able to do more than just calling. Hence, came the first smartphone in 1993 developed by Bellsouth and IBM. Priced at $899, this cell phone could do tasks of a pager, send emails, had a stylus, a complete keyboard etc. However, it seemed like the manufactures or developers were not very confident about the very first take on a smartphone which is why they made only 2000 pieces of this device.

Camera Cellphone

5 Major Moments in the History of Cell Phone

We agree iPhones and Apple devices are well known for its top-notch technology and cameras but even before the first iPhone came, cell phones had cameras in them. They might not be as impressive or as good quality as of an iPhone but yes, they existed. Want to know who developed the first phone with an integrated camera?

It was developed by Phillipe Kahn in 1997. This phone could click pictures and also share them wirelessly all around the globe. However, this was not made available to the public. The first camera cell phone to land in the market was the Nokia 7650 and the Sanyo SPC- 5300 in 2002. By the end of 2005, Nokia became the world`s most sold digital camera brand.

First Integrated Phone

Now that you know when did cell phones come out to the public it is time that we know about something more, an integrated phone. Even before we heard of the word iPhone and what not Blackberry phones were the talk of the town. Everyone went crazy over the QWERTY keyboard and BBM, Blackberry`s instant messaging service. Apart from presenting such unique designing and features to us, Blackberry presented the first integrated smartphone in 2003.

Integrated phone

This device was developed by Research in Motion and was named as The Blackberry Quark. Being the first integrated phone, the blackberry quark could offer many more services than the typical smartphone. The most important being users were able to surf the internet without having to sit on a desk with a computer. It was then that the power of the internet could be accessed by our fingers or a QWERTY keyboard in this case.


Last but not least in this list is the iPhone. Now, where do we even begin? All of us have been witnesses to the revolution this tiny device has brought in. But, when did it began? To be very precise, it was on 9th January 2007 that Steve Jobs staged the introduction of the very first iPhone claiming that it is about five years ahead of any other mobile phone that we were using back then. Turns out, he was right.


At this point, you might be thinking what was it that made the iPhone so different from the rest of the cell phones. Well, there are mainly two things. First, it wasn’t just a cell phone. Rather it was an impeccable combination of a mobile phone, an iPad, and a wireless communication device.

Secondly, it was the first touchscreen communication device that could receive instructions from the users only by the swipe or a click of a finger. Interesting, isn’t it? Moreover, while we think about previous options on the list we are sure that none of them has been able to evolve and adjust themselves to modern technology and time. the iPhone however, has continually evolved into new generations and not just that it years ahead.


The invention of the mobile phone has been a journey and since the technology doesn’t seem to take a break anytime soon we are sure there is a long way ahead. The future thus has a lot more surprises in terms of innovations when it comes to mobile phones the ride or die for humans now. We hope we have been able to answer all of your queries related to the major moments in the history of the cell phone and the invention of the mobile phone.

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